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  The availability of cash for any business is vital to its agility and without it, a business struggles to thrive.  Cash determines our ability to seize market opportunities as they arise and equally to withstand pressure when issues occur.  Without cash available in the bank, a single missed or delayed client payment can cause a business to quickly fall behind on its own commitments to suppliers and employees, risking long-term damage.  It’s easy to
Now could not be a better time to invest in ownership of your dental practice.  The lenders we work with are almost falling over each other in the race to offer the best rates and terms to the healthcare sector to.  Lenders are keen to help you in all aspects of investing in your dental practice, buying the premises in which you operate, opening a new practice, buying into the partnership of your existing dental
If you are looking to purchase a buy-to-let property at the moment, the chances are you are considering making that purchase through a limited company. We are receiving an increasing number of buy to let mortgage applications from limited companies due to the differences in tax treatment. A key benefit is the treatment of financial costs (e.g. mortgage interest). Recent tax changes mean that individuals letting residential property cannot treat mortgage interest as an allowable